JLC Landscape Maintenance Services


Lawn Care
JLC Maintenance Services utilizes top of the line equipment. We have an in-house mechanic which allows us to be ready for the job every day. Our Maintenance Foremen are fully trained to operate Dixie Choppers, Honda push mowers, and Stihl edgers, weedeaters and blowers.

Shrub and tree pruning is an important part of landscape care. Our maintenance crews will prune everything up to seven feet in height. An important factor in pruning is the use of the appropriate tools, such as hand pruners, shears and hedge trimmers. Some companies that just want to “get the job done” will simply use hedge trimmers on everything to save them time, but unfortunately hedge trimmers can be detrimental if used on the wrong plant. JLC will take the time to make sure plants are pruned properly for optimal growth and appearance.

A monthly irrigation check is one of the most significant parts of a landscape. Our JLC Foremen are trained to do system checks, repairs, cleanings and minor adjustments. JLC is backed by the Jenkins Landscape Irrigation Department and can be called upon for major issues at a moments notice.

Pest Control/Fertilization
Pests are a common issue in landscapes and being able to manage them is crucial. Every foreman is licensed by the state to use a hand sprayer. During our weekly or bi-weekly visit we will spray only if needed. Again, should there be any issues where our foreman cannot manage a certain pest; Jenkins Landscape’s Pest Control/Fertilization Department will be able to visit your property to address all issues. This department is also in charge of fertilization. Within our Fertilization program, we fertilize with the best products and follow the strict guidelines to prevent any problems of runoff, burning the plant, or staining the sidewalk/driveway.

Tree Trimming
Our Tree Trimming division is responsible for trimming everything over seven feet tall. We recommend hard pruning to be completed during the summer and palm tree trimming in the fall. Palms are pruned in the fall because of their seed producing habits. Once we get a cold snap, Sabal Palms become somewhat dormant and once the seed pods are pruned, the tree will remain “clean” until late spring. Trimming in the summer will only result in a second trim.

Landscape Installation
The Landscape Installation is a division of Jenkins Landscape Company. Please visit to read more information on landscape installation.



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